The Importance of Social Video in 2019

Whether you enjoy social media on a personal level or not, it’s still undeniably as key to your marketing plan as any other kind of advertising. Social media is still incredibly popular – although it ebbs and flows as to which platform sees the fastest growth – and video remains the #1 way to reach your audience on the various platforms. We predict that 2018/2019 will be the return to grassroots, localized content – meaning that there will be more of an emphasis on local, relatable content that truly connects with your target audience. This will come from people growing tired of seeing mass, impersonal bulk advertising as part of huge marketing blasts across the country (and world). People will want to meaningfully connect with a business in Denver, Colorado (or wherever you might be located), and this will be an integral part of building trust with people so that they feel confident utilizing your products and services.Putting the two concepts together – localized, custom content and video – it will be more important than ever to ensure your video marketing is up to speed. Social Media Video Campaigns Will Be Huge Video is the number one marketing tool to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Short videos especially are important to getting organic reach, and hitting one clear, targeted message that specifically features you, your product or your company is crucial. Using a “stock footage” option will not have nearly the same impact!Your video needs to be compelling, education, entertaining, the right length, delivered to the right audience and at the right time. Here’s a “cheat sheet” to help you out: Facebook Around 500 million people watch Facebook videos every single day. The ideal video length is about one minute, and it’s important to design your video so that it can be viewed without audio; 85% of videos are watched without audio!Be sure to take advantage of Facebook’s “stories” feature as well, which can feature video stories of your company (or showcase products). Additionally, Facebook recently launched the “video premiere” feature. This allows you to notify your followers of a specific time and date that you will show a video, and everyone can watch it together! The full benefits of this feature are largely explored, so being at the forefront of the new features will help your business carve a creative, unique niche into the social media world. Instagram Instagram’s popularity is rising very quickly lately, and it has expanded its previously limited video capabilities. With 800 million monthly users, it is a video-marketing powerhouse. Short videos that get a large number of “complete” views are more likely to show up higher in user’s feeds. Instagram is a great way to connect with potential buyers, and you can share videos between Facebook and Instagram interchangeably.

Instagram recently launched IGTV – which they claim is intended to compete directly with YouTube. While that might be a stretch, Instagram is capitalizing on users’ natural instinct to shoot video in portrait mode. While that’s counter-intuitive to the proper way to shoot video, it does lend itself to mobile functionality and the new feature can open a whole new audience for your company and gives you a new outlet for live video and more. YouTube YouTube gets more than five BILLION video views each day. People go to YouTube for just about everything, and since it’s a Google property, YouTube videos are ranked higher in the all-important Google search index. People use YouTube to learn more about product they’re interested in buying, to get reviews, and to find tutorials on just about everything. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your products and present yourself as a subject matter expert! The more people get to know your company and your face, the more they will trust you. Snapchat Snapchat generates 10 billion video views every day. Brands can use Snapchat to record videos of a product launch, a big event, trade shows, musical events, or social gatherings. Snapchat appeals to a younger audience, so if your target market suits it, Snapchat is the way to go. You can showcase private videos and behind-the-scenes content to provide a unique insight to your brand. The recommended length of Snapchat videos are about 10 seconds; after that 22% of users lose interest. Conclusion Social media companies are constantly changing the ways that you can reach your audience, and video is the focal point for these changes. While some things like Facebook Live and behind-the-scenes video can be done with most smartphones, it’s a very small part of the overall video mix. To truly engage your customers, you need a professional-quality, engaging, compelling video that is custom to your brand. Anything else is a waste of time and money, and doesn’t inspire the critical trust you need to boost your bottom line.